How MOB works 


Getting started 

  1. Register your interest by completing our short online form

  1. One of our specialist team will get in touch to find out more about you and your situation before you start your alcohol-free month on 1 August. Please read our disclaimer here.


What do I get when I join the MOB? 

From 31 July, you will receive daily emails (Monday-Friday) to motivate and guide you through the month.  

These emails will: 

  • Help you to identify your triggers and mind-traps for drinking, and develop coping strategies to stay alcohol free during your MOB 

  • Give you ideas for non-drinking activities, and non-alcohol drinks recommendations and recipes 

  • Track your progress and the changes you are noticing from taking a break from alcohol. 

If you want more support during your alcohol-free month, join our online group every Tuesday evening to share your progress and get encouragement from the rest of the MOB. 

You can also have optional check-ins by phone or Zoom with your own personal MOB coach. 

When your MOB is over, you have the option to receive up to six months of free follow-on support from our team, to help you stay alcohol free for longer (if you decide that’s your goal) or to maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol at safer levels. 


What are the benefits of taking a Month off Booze? 

Professor Kevin Moore, a leading liver specialist, claimed the health benefits for people who take a month of alcohol are “staggering”.  He said, “if you had a drug that did this, it would be a multi-billion-pound market”.  

Read more about the health benefits of taking a month off booze.


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