What are the benefits of taking a Month off Booze?  

Professor Kevin Moore, a leading liver specialist, has claimed that the health benefits for people who take a month of alcohol are “staggering”.  He said, “if you had a drug that did this, it would be a multi-billion-pound market”.   

Health improvements noted by people who have taken a month off alcohol include: 

  • Better quality of sleep 

  • Better overall health 

  • Higher energy levels 

  • Weight loss 

  • Improved concentration 

  • Better skin health 

And that’s not all. As well as the health benefits, people taking a booze-break report: 

  • Experiencing a sense of achievement at the end of the alcohol-free month 

  • Saving money 

  • A greater awareness of their relationship with alcohol 

  • Feeling more in control of their drinking habits 

  • Understanding when they felt more tempted to drink and why 

  • Learning that they did not need alcohol to have fun 

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